A discreet, almost intimate wellness area in the Villa Moya, with an infrared sauna, a whirlpool and exercise equipment, is where you can achieve the harmony of body and soul, relax, relieve stress and regenerate your energy.

We would like you to introduce a new system in thermotherapy replacing classic taking of sauna, based on a principle of warming up the human body with the help of heat transfer by infra-red radiation. In this form of taking sauna not only the outside part of the body is warmed up but the heat also goes through in the depth of tissue and needed parts of the body are warmed up faster than when you take classic sauna. It comes to warming up the organism by the heat transfer of infrared radiation in an invisible part of spectrum (principle of infra-red lamp), not by warming up from hot air (cca 115°C) as at classic sauna.

The advantage is a lower surrounding temperature (cca 55°C) in an infra-cabin and it makes the therapy possible also for people who cannot use a classic sauna on health grounds (after consultation with a doctor for example asthmatic, allergic, cardiac patients).

Infrasauna burns calories and influences overweight, supports blood circulation and strengthems cardiovascular system, removes pains, relives muscles and stiffeness of joints toxins and mineral vaste, recovers the skin, improves immune system, reduces stress and tiredness. So it can be used in health care, rehabilitation beauty centres, hotels as well as in household all over the world.

You can also relax in the whirlpool (Jacuzzi) and feel all the benefits of whirlpool body massage and forget about stress. With relaxation in the sauna and hydro massage pool, there is also exercise equipment for you if you want to have some recreation.