Gorski kotar

Villa MOYA is located in the center of everything that can be a reason for someone for visiting the green heart of Croatia.

Nearby there are three lakes Bajer, Lepenica and Potkoš that are abundant in fish, and a little further away is the Lokvarsko jezero. The most famous lake Bajer is perfect for boat ride, canoe, kayak and for surfing due to frequent winding. An attractive promenade goes around the lake, and it can also be visited by tourist boat, horse ride and train.

In our vicinity are three caves, Vrelo in Fužine, Lokvarka and Bukovac in Lokva. Because of its exceptional beauty and the richness of cave decorations, Lokvarka is proclaimed a monument of nature.

It is important to mention the National Park Risnjak, whose whiteness of its rocks, dominates above the greenery of beautiful forests. Beautiful views that stretch from 1528 m above sea level to the Kvarner Bay, Istria and the Julian Alps in neighboring Slovenia, will remain in the memory of every visitor.

Gorski kotar is also known for its beautiful rivers and their confluents, most notably the Rijeka Cup and Dobra. Certainly worth mentioning is the source of the Kupa River below the Gavran Rock 250 meters high. Equally unique is the source of the river Čabranka, a mountain fast currant river whose source is at the very end of the deep and narrow end of the Kupska valley, in the cracks of the rocks of the Veliki Obrh.

We cannot forget that with all the beauties of Gorski kotar, strict nature reserves, forest parks, you can enjoy the sunny beaches of the coastal towns of Primorje region in just 25 minutes drive from here.

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