Fužine, located in Gorski kotar, in the green heart of Croatia, 730 meters above sea, with its promenades, cycling trails, tennis courts, destinations for hunters, athletes, mountaineers and recreants are the ideal place for rest, leisure, sports and fun...

The climate is a continental variant of Mediterranean with a particularly beautiful spring, summer and autumn and snowy and often long winters. In summer, temperatures rarely exceed 30 ° C, and there are almost no warm nights. Therefore, in summer, the climate is extremely enjoyable, as are the stable winter days with the richness of snow.

Three lakes, Bajer, Lepenica and Potkoš, melted in gorgeous landscapes, are a real bait for fishermen. A special tourist attraction is the cave of Vrelo and because of its accessibility and beauty it is suitable for all generations.

The Fužine area is rich in cultural and sacral objects. Particularly interesting and attractive is the Shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Snow in Ličko Polje. In 1733. the Virgin Mary appeared in the snow in that place. In oldest settlement Liča there is a very attractive and by many things special „Zavičajna zbirka“ (homeland collection) where interesting ethnographic objects and archival material were collected that tell about the history of this region.